"Assalamo Alaykum"

1. I am very happy to publish this website of SEWA "Alhamdulillah"

2. I along with my all friends had formed this NGO to work for uplifting the education in our society.

3.Without making this a long message I urge you all from bottom of my heart to join this revolutionary work,because we all know ,unless we make our children educated we shall not sustain.

4.Let us join hand in hand to stand with all those we have got away from education to bring them in and also with those who are in with all help they need.

5."Padhoge tabhi badhoge"

Sheikh Nizamuddin Aminuddin

                                                                                "Secretary SEWA"

Our Mentor

"Akramul Jabbar Khan"

Retd Chief Commissioner of Income Tax. Joined IRS in July 76, retired on 31/12/2009 from Pune.
Post graduation in English Litt from AMU Aligarh. Hail from Fatehpur UP but now settled in Pune.


Emotionally connected with your organisation since last three years. Deeply impressed by your ' well going to the thirsty ' approach. This needs to be replicated everywhere.
Carry on the yeotmal 's service. Jazaak Allah Khairun.

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